Greater Independence

Kim Mowery maintains steady employment with the help of Pathfinder Services

Kim Mowery

Kim Mowery knows the value of hard work. She excels not only at one, but two jobs. Kim appreciates her steady employment, but she also faces daily challenges due to an intellectual disability. Transportation and assistance with daily living are keys to her independent lifestyle.

That’s why Kim looks to Pathfinder Community Supports for help. Maintaining her current lifestyle and friendships are important for Kim, especially because her work relationships are so valuable. “I really like the people I work with and my boss is awesome.”

Meeting Employment Needs

Kim’s loyalty to her employers shows in her long track record. Her work experience includes 30 years at ARC of Wabash County, where she does shredding and piecework, and 24 years at Vernon Manor Children’s Home doing laundry.

Kim has a special heart for her co-workers and appreciates the stability of a consistent job. “You can go at your own pace as long as you do your job,” she adds.

But Kim needs additional support at home with financial goals and responsibility. Pathfinder Community Supports provides Kim with the accountability she needs to manage her money, complete daily errands, and meet her goals. “They make sure my bills are paid, my rent is paid, groceries, and doctors appointments. It makes you feel good when you get all your bills and rent [paid].”

Living Independently

Kim makes her home in Wabash, where she has lived all her life. It’s no surprise that she likes to be out in the community, enjoying sporting events and even participating in past Special Olympics games. “I know a lot of people here in Wabash. I usually go out with my friends. We go out to eat or watch a movie or go to baseball games.”

Kim appreciates the support that Pathfinder Services have provided for her and recommends it to others with disabilities. “Jobs are hard to find right now…They help [a person] find a job. Just keep your head up and do what [you] can do.”

Because of Kim’s upbeat attitude and persistence at tasks, she maintains an independent lifestyle that keeps her connected to important relationships in the community. “It makes me feel good because…I just like being around my friends.”

With two jobs and an active social life, Kim relies on Pathfinder Services to help her achieve her goals while living independently.

If you’d like to help people like Kim gain meaningful employment, assisted living support, and community integration, contact Pathfinder Services today. Your support changes lives.