Pathfinder Community Connections Home Acquisition and Rehabilitation Program is Featured on Local News

The Pathfinder Community Connections Home Acquisition and Rehabilitation Program was featured on 21 Alive/NBC 33.

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (21Alive) — You’ve probably been driving past them without giving it a second thought, but the houses behind Pathfinder Community Connections signs make a big difference within the community.

Pathfinder is a not-for-profit organization in northeast Indiana which helps those with physical and mental disabilities by assisting with job placement and other services.

But four years ago, as government funds and grant funds became more difficult to get, the group created another division within itself.

It’s community development program improves neighborhoods by rehabbing vacant houses.

Leaders with the program say it’s much more than just ‘flipping’ a house because instead of only worrying about cosmetics, the goal is that the house won’t need any major repairs like the roof or furnace for ten years.

“We try to cover all those things and repair all those things before we put the house back on the market, said community connections director, Jan Baumgartner.

As a not-for-profit, Pathfinder is often eligible for an exclusive first look at foreclosed properties.

“We have the opportunity to get those properties before some other investors might see them,” said Baumgartner.

At its start, the program acquired homes here and there. Now the properties can be found in Wabash, Andrews, Roanoke, Huntington and Fort Wayne.

Income from selling the houses then goes back into supporting the primary cause.

Baumgartner adds, “we’re using our own funds to do the project and then when a house sells, we put the money back into the project so that we can expand it.”

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