Pathfinder Community Connections Opens NeighborWorks HomeOwnership Center in Huntington & Fort Wayne

Huntington Ribbon Cutting Home Ownership Event

Huntington Ribbon Cutting Home Ownership Event

Pathfinder Community Connections held two events on Friday, May 31st to open their NeighborWorks HomeOwnership Centers in Huntington and Fort Wayne.  These events showcased the expansion of Pathfinder Community Connections programs.

Fort Wayne Home Ownership Event Ribbon Cutting

Fort Wayne Home Ownership Event Ribbon Cutting


The Huntington event took place at the Pathfinder Community Connections office located at 2824 Theater Avenue.  Huntington Mayor Brooks Fetters proclaimed May 31st as Pathfinder Community Connections NeighborWorks HomeOwnership Center Day and encouraged all residents to join him in supporting efforts to help fellow citizens create a more stable and healthy community through increased home ownership.

Steve Kimmel, President of the Huntington County Chamber of Commerce conducted a ribbon cutting along with a brief presentation from Dan Leonard from the Indiana House of Representatives.  Milt Sharp, NeighborWorks America Senior Home Ownership Specialist also spoke at the event along with Pathfinder Services President John Niederman.  All speakers discussed “Home Matters to me because…..” to emphasize the positive impact home ownership has on them or their community.

The Fort Wayne event took place at The Summit located near the Pathfinder Community Connections Fort Wayne office which is located at 1005 West Rudisill Street, Suite 301.  At the event Fort Wayne Mayor Tom Henry proclaimed May 31st as Pathfinder Community Connections NeighborWorks HomeOwnership Center Day, and a ribbon cutting took place conducted by Eve Cochlin from the Greater Fort Wayne Chamber of Commerce.

Paul Lagemann, Northeast Indiana Regional Director for Senator Dan Coats read a congratulatory letter from Senator Coats at the event. Those in attendance viewed a video from Senator Joe Donnelly recognizing the organization for all they do to promote affordable home ownership in Indiana.  Attendees received a wooden pen made in Pathfinder Services’ Outsource Manufacturing in Huntington.  John Niederman, the President of Pathfinder Services spoke along with Pastor Valui of Fort Wayne Baptist Church, John Santner, Regional Director of NeighborWorks America’s Midwest Region, and Milt Sharp from NeighborWorks America.  All speakers also began their presentation citing “Home Matters to me because…” At the end of the event Mary Bell, Wells Fargo Community Bank President, presented a check for $25,000 from the Wells Fargo Housing Foundation to Pathfinder Community Connections NeighborWorks

HomeOwnership Center to be used for Pre-Homebuyer Education and Counseling in Fort Wayne.

Jan Baumgartner, Pathfinder Community Connections Director stated, “We are thrilled to be certified as a NeighborWorks HomeOwnership Center.  This designation means citizens will benefit from our increased focus on home ownership and the positive changes it can bring to a neighborhood.  Another benefit is increased training and technical assistance available from NeighborWorks America which are staff can use to support home buyers throughout Northeast Indiana.”

This event kicked off the organization’s celebration of National NeighborWorks week.  Additionally, Pathfinder Community Connections will be participating in a Neighborhood Block Party for the Huntington Drover Town Project.  This project is focused on revitalizing a neighborhood within the City of Huntington.  The Block party is taking place on Sunday, June 2nd from 2:00 until 6:00 P.M. in the St. Peter’s First Community Church parking lot on the corner of Etna Avenue and Herman Street in Huntington.

Pathfinder Community Connections is a part of the national NeighborWorks network, an affiliation of more than 235 nonprofit organizations located in every state, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.  In 2012, the NeighborWorks network generated more than $4.68 billion in total direct investment and helped 305,100 individuals and families with affordable housing and counseling.  In 2012, NeighborWorks organizations hosted 237 events to benefit their communities.  The NeighborWorks network was founded and is supported by NeighborWorks America, which creates opportunities for people to live in affordable homes, improve their lives and strengthen their communities.

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