OutSource Manufacturing helps Bendix reach goals

Heather Bradin relies on Pathfinder for quality and service

Heather Bradin has a challenging job. Her company, Bendix, is a supplier of air brake and filtration systems to the heavy-duty commercial vehicle industry. In her leadership role, Heather manages many operational details — scheduling product delivery, expediting materials needed to fulfill customer orders, and working with suppliers on communications and logistics.

Heather just doesn’t have time for missed deadlines or quality-control issues.

That’s why she turns to Pathfinder OutSource Manufacturing for help with kitting and packing. “We can count on Pathfinder for completing the orders for Bendix with good quality and in the time frame needed, so we can keep our commitment to our customer,” Heather says.

Meeting High Standards

Heather relies on Pathfinder’s team to meet quality standards while completing packaging jobs on time. Pathfinder employees handle multiple kitting projects for Bendix. They bundle 5-10 different parts together in a bag, seal it, and then send the completed kits back to the company. Pathfinder employees also box and label parts for Bendix. With over 40,000 parts boxed in 2015, Pathfinder employees proved they could deliver the ISO 9001 quality Bendix expected.

Heather says Bendix partnership with Pathfinder Services offered consistency, quality, and competitive cost savings. “We have a lot of quality metrics we have to meet. I often am involved in expediting material in from suppliers when our material planners need the next level of assistance. Pathfinder’s quality is very good, and if they say they will get it done at a certain time, they get it done.”

Besides managing product delivery, Heather also deals with price negotiations with suppliers. She describes Pathfinder as reasonably priced in a competitive market. “They give you a good price… It’s worth sending [work] out to Pathfinder.”

Providing Opportunities

When Heather was hired for her position at Bendix, she was given instructions to check with Pathfinder first for their outsourcing needs. “Once I became the buyer, I was told outsource jobs should always go to Pathfinder.”

Heather’s connection to Pathfinder is also personal. Her daughter works as a caregiver in one of the group homes, providing help and safety for the residents to live independently.

Heather says using Pathfinder OutSource Manufacturing is not only a great solution for Bendix, but also provides jobs for Pathfinder clients, who gain valuable skills that help them live better lives.

“It helps them to develop behaviors and gives them confidence to do something on their own, while providing them a paycheck,” she says.

Heather values the business partnership between Bendix and Pathfinder OutSource Manufacturing.

“There is a great sense of pride in working with an organization that does so much for the community. It is a joy being a part of that!”

If you need competitive outsourcing solutions for your company, consider Pathfinder OutSource Manufacturing. We offer high quality solutions that meet the demands of today’s marketplace.