Pathfinder Services Employees Honored for Commitment, Advocacy in Huntington and Fort Wayne

In Indiana, over 19,000 people with physical and developmental disabilities rely on Direct Support Professionals for essential support with employment, connections within their community, and basic health and safety needs. As the teachers, cheerleaders and many times the primary advocate for the individuals they serve, Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) require a broad range of skills. yet they earn an average wage far below the typical American worker. To honor their important role and highlight the growing shortage of Direct Support Professionals in Indiana, Governor Mitch Daniels has declared September 11-17, 2011 to be Direct Support Professional Recognition Week.

“Pathfinder Services employs over ­­200 Direct Support Professionals in Huntington and Allen Counties,” stated Sandy Wing, Senior Director of Community Supports for Pathfinder Services. “During this week it is a time that we can offer a special thank you to our Direct Support Professionals for all of the hard work they do each and every day. Thank you!,” Wing concluded.

Pathfinder Services Direct Support Professionals in Day Services and Supported Independent Living services in Huntington and Allen County include: Thomas Abbott, Carol Austin, April Bowers, Stephanie Bowers, Angela Bowman, Angela Brown, Marissa Castillo, Rita Clark, Danielle Clements, Molly Conrad, Anita Craig, Betsy Dean, Dianne Diehl, Darlene Ehler, Mike Ehler, Karen Emly, Deb Felone, Mike Feltner, Dawn Ferrell, Brittani Fields, Brenda Flynn, Ali Garber, Patty Geerken, Cora Gerringer, Lucy Gibson, Kari Goetz, Sharon Govan, Kari Green, Jeni Habegger, Jill Hamilton, Marlene Hamilton, Amanda Hartley, Melissa Hogue, Teresa Hughes, Emilie Jamison, Pam Jones, Tiffany Jones, Christina Justice, Pinky Kish, James Khamala, Michelle Lael, Kristie Laird, Joelle Loya, Lois Mills, Aubrey Morvatz, Steve Muchai, Karla Mull, Kathrine Newsome-Miller, Jennifer Oden, Christina Patrick, Pam Quillen, Amy Rakoczy, Kaitlin Razor, Candace Richardson, Krystal Romine, Loretta Sanders, Andie Schnepp, Jean Schowe, Zac Schwartz, Hachile Shandomo, Amy Shockome, Prudi Shumm, Kacie Sides, Rex Sisson, Terry Slone, Amber Smelser, Anna Standafer, Sheila Steele, Sonia Stevens, Pam Stouder, Aimee Thornsberry, Amy Thornsberry, Jaimee Thornsberry, Joan Tilden, Cheryl Tinsley, Sherryl Vanner, Brandi Vanover, Devina Wamalwa, John Wamue, David Winkler, Lois Yarger, Julie Young.

Direct Support Professionals in Group Home services in Huntington and Allen County include: Michael Abbott, Emily Alles, Kay Beardslee, Jennifer Beemer, Niki Benson, Gina Bryant, Stacey Chow, Joslin Collins, Linsey Compton, Misty Earhart, Anna Forni, Andrew Freehauf, Sherry Frey, Krystal Garber, Tiffany Gardner, Marissa Garner, Christina Gaskill, Tyler Gault, Keri Hacker, Mike Jones, Kurt Kemp, Kami Koch, Tania Lange, Kellen Lewis, Patricia

Lovatto, Jamie McGlothin, Lauren Mcilrath, Kayla Merrill, Cynthia Meyer, Jaron Mull, Chidimma Nwankwo, Christy Ray, Danielle Rich, Clarrissia Rowe, Angela Sawyer, Kathy Scalf, Aggie Schuman, Carrie Sellers, Tammy Shane, Heidi Smith, Judy Snider, Ali Stanley, Rita Straw, Natalie Taylor, Jessica Thornsberry, Jean Tilden, Peter Wakaba, Dawn Walls, Anita Winters and Martina Young.

Substitutes in Huntington and Allen County include: Scardy Adams, Wes Bass, Brittney Brumbaugh, Barb Burnett, Megan Burnworth, Brent Chamberlin, Bil Easley, Adrian Ford, Emily Frankle, Kati Frankle, Patty Garnett, Caitlin Gault, Katie Geders, Irene Gichungeh, Justin Glancy, Mariesa Goetz, Asha Goings, Ashley Hake, Dorsey Hamilton, Mary Hapner,

Katrina Harter, Karen Henline, Ann Hinen Boyer, Pam Hite, Rochelle Hogue, Talea Hughes, Josh Hyatt, Kyle Jackson, Lindsey Karst, Kristi Kendall, Courtney Kilander, Kim Kilander, Tammy Kinsey, Kassie Kocher, Chelsea Kreider, Marisa Martin, Teresa McClellan, Tosha McDowell, Terry Melone, Kyle Metzger, Sharon Metzger, Andrea Myers, Sara Neal, Ross Ochs, Mary Jane Perisho, Rachel Pressler, Smantha Reinier, Phillip Rogers, Karen Scherer, Sarah Schwab, Vicki Scott, Beth Sell, Malinda Shelley, Jill Slagel, Mallie Sparks, Trudy Stanley, Haley Strass, Heidi Strobel, Rachael Teusch, Scott Thornsberry, Susie Trixler, Andrew Working, and Jennifer Yoder.

Pathfinder Services would like to thank all Direct Support Professionals! Pathfinder Community Supports offers Supported Independent Living, Group Home Living, Community Integration Services, Respite Services and Teens on the Town in Huntington and Allen Counties. Pathfinder Community Supports is a division of Pathfinder Services, Inc., a Comprehensive Human and Community Development not for profit organization Huntington County since 1966. Pathfinder Services, Inc. serves over 3,000 individuals with and without disabilities throughout Northeast Indiana. For more information on the services ofPathfinder Services, Inc. please call their Huntington office at (260) 356-0500 or visit