Paul Thang: The American Dream

Prosperity: Happiness & Health

After living as refugees in Malaysia for a year and a half, Paul, his wife and their four children were relocated to the United States. Their life in Malaysia had been full of fear and concern. “As soon as we landed in this country,” Paul said, “we were so happy.” Though a new life in America seemed full of endless possibilities, owning a home still felt out of reach.

When Paul arrived in America, he was one of many immigrants fleeing Burma for Fort Wayne. His first desire when he arrived was to find a place for his family to learn more about the culture and language. The First Assembly of God church provided an English as a second language class and helped them acclimate to American culture.

In 2010 their community established their own ethnicity church within the facilities at First Assembly of God. Soon after, it became Paul’s prayer to find a home. Through their church, Paul was put in contact with the Pathfinder HomeOwnership Center.

“Whether you are buying a new house or an existing house, the Pathfinder HomeOwnership Center has many available services to assist anyone with great opportunities,” Paul said.

Paul and his family have been living in their home for a little over a year now and they are enjoying the space and features of their new home built by Granite Ridge.Paul said one of the things he likes about the house is that it’s brand new, “there’s zero mileage”. He also values the community he lives in and school system his children attend. “The people here have done a lot to help us adjust to the American culture.”

Many of Paul’s extended family and other families from Burma live on the same street.  The fence surrounding his backyard is joined with two of his neighbors.  They share not only a back yard, they share a garden and the produce that is grown, they share meals, and the children of the neighborhood all play together. Paul feels like it is a village, a true community and he is happy.  His prayer is that Pathfinder Services will continue to bless people through the services offered by their HomeOwnership Center.

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