Recycled Bench Project: Complete

The children of Pathfinder Kids Kampus recently received two recycled benches after participating in the ABC Promise Partnership cap recycling program offered by Green Tree Plastics in Evansville.  The cost to produce the benches was donated by Alyssa Hewson and the Pathfinder Foundation.

The ABC PROGRAM is a cap and lid program specifically designed by school children for school children. It has been a tool in the hands of the Pathfinder Kids Kampus teachers to teach children about caring for the earth and green living. The children in the Creators classroom (4-5 year olds), led by Sheila Crawford, have been sorting caps and lids donated by the community over the last year while learning about sustainability and recycling.  It takes 400 pounds of lids to make one bench, which is equivalent to 10 – 55 gallon trash bags full.  The Pathfinder Foundation generously donated $275 to cover the cost of the first bench.

“The children really enjoyed this project as there were caps and lids of all sizes and colors,” stated Sheila Crawford, Lead Teacher in the Creators classroom. “As we were sorting and weighing, we discussed recycling and how it is good for the earth and for our community. We thank all the friends of Pathfinder Kids Kampus for saving and donating their caps for us.  The children are excited to have these benches made from the caps they sorted.”