Round Two – Drover Town Survey

Pathfinder Services will revisit Drover Town and the surrounding area over the next few weeks to survey progress made in street and sidewalk repair, property improvements and resident opinions since the survey was first done in 2013.  The surveys will be done by community volunteers, persons served and employees of Pathfinder Services.


Residents may notice volunteers throughout the near south side of the city until late August during the survey period.  They will evaluate block groups and properties regarding accessibility, condition, and note vacant and abandoned properties.  Residents from approximately 50% of all properties in the selected neighborhoods will be individually asked to complete a 33 question survey.  Residents cannot request to be a part of the survey as the households will be selected by statistical random sampling.  Volunteers will be wearing identification indicating they are part of the Pathfinder Services project.  Residents do not need to invite surveyors into the home as the questions can be quickly answered at the residents’ door.


Data collected through the Livability Assessment will identify opportunities for neighborhood enhancement to help Drover Town realize its full potential as a Community for a Lifetime.


Beth Stevens, Pathfinder Services Family Self-Sufficiency Coordinator, is leading the volunteer effort and is a resident of the surveyed area.  She stated, “The assessment is designed to collect data from people like me who make the Drover Town area our home.  The residents know better than anyone what would make our neighborhood a more livable place.”


Surveying will typically be done in groups of two volunteers.  Any Huntington resident interested in volunteering should recruit a friend and contact Beth Stevens at [email protected] or call (260) 356-0521.