Jonah’s Story

Jonah has recently secured his first position as a young adult in Huntington. This position is a stepping stone for Jonah, providing him with the opportunity to spend more time interacting with others in the community. See the video! After a lengthy search for the perfect position, Jonah was hired at Walgreens in Huntington in mid November 2012. He is becoming acclimated to his position very quickly, learning all of his job duties. Jonah’s supervisors and co-workers are thrilled that he is working with them and have gone above and beyond to ensure Jonah knows he is a valued staff member.
Walgreens will also see positive return from their choice to hire Jonah, and not simply because he is a great addition to their staff. One of Jonah’s lifelong friends has made a point to shop at Walgreens more often, as she sees value in the partnership by Walgreens with community organizations to provide great opportunities to adults with varying abilities.