Stephy: Good People

Her Story

Stephy’s Aunt Ruth introduced Pathfinders Services to Stephy’s mother, giving Stephy a chance to experience more than her mother ever dreamt possible.

At four years old, Stephy began school at the Village Training Center as the only student in Mary Brennen’s class at the Clear Creek location. Stephy loved it from the beginning and took to the program which quickly began to grow. It wasn’t long before Valerie Sterling became a teacher and the school moved to State Street.

After preschool, Stephy attended Northwest Grade School, but her mother continued to stay in touch with Pathfinders. Stephy participated in various programs as she grew  up and went with Valerie Sterling on different outings. Once she graduated, Stephy became involved in the Workshop. David Runyon became her first job coach as she worked her first position in manufacturing.

At age twenty, Stephy moved from home into a group home. There, she met new friends and roommates, learned how to keep house and go grocery shopping. Away from home, she began to participate in programs she only dreamed of. One of her favorite activities was volunteering in several Pathfinders programs, including Love. “It makes me feel much better to volunteer,” she says with a smile.

Stephy loves music and especially the drums and if you give her the name of a band, she likely can tell you the name of the drummer.  Together with her friends and Pathfinders, Stephy has seen some of her favorite bands in concerts, including Toby Keith, Journey, Loverboy, Zac Brown, and Sawyer Brown.

Her mother is so thankful for Pathfinders. “They have done so much for her. And they’ve put my mind at ease. We wouldn’t know what to do without Pathfinders.”

Stephy adds with a laugh, “Keep up the good work. Do all you possibly can do and do more. People here are so good to me. They are good people.”