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Teens & Adults

Pathfinder Services Community Supports offers supported independent living, group home living, community integration, day services, and structured family caregiving for teens and adults. Pathfinder Services Resource Connection assists teens and adults in finding and retaining meaningful employment.

Teens and Adult Services

Pathfinder Services Community Supports serves teens and adults on their journey to self-reliance and inclusion. Community Supports offers supported independent living, group home living, community integration, day services, and structured family caregiving.

Community Supports helps those facing physical and developmental challenges facilitate life skills through education and activities so they can live fulling lives in their home communities. Teens and adults are supported in choosing how and where to live, using and enhancing their talents through art programs and other activities, and taking part in the community while building social skills and creating memorable life experiences.

Pathfinder Services Resource Connection serves people with disabilities in finding and retaining employment. Resource Connection matches the individual’s skills, abilities, and interests with specific jobs and provides ongoing support to the employer and the employee to ensure continued quality work and satisfaction.

Resource Connection also offers vocational rehabilitation services, benefits counseling, and skills discovery in the search to find the most suitable and enriching employment opportunities available.

Zeke crafting
Community Integration: April

Empowerment for a Life Well Lived

Sarah working ymca 1
“I am always doing something and always want to do more.There’s never enough hours in the day.”

Stories that Inspire

Vickie cundiff 2

In 1955, the options available to those with disabilities in Huntington County were nearly non-existent. But perseverance from Vickie Cundiff’s family paid off to provide a life rich with adventure and happiness.

When Vickie became school age, her mother searched for a school until she found Vera Cruz in Bluffton. This was quite a drive for the family, but they transported Vickie back and forth for several years…

Jonah hunt 2

Upon their pediatrician’s advice, Jonah’s parents began looking for a program to help their son when he was just three years old. When they found Pathfinder Community Supports at the State Street building, it offered solutions for the family beyond their expectations.

They immediately enrolled Jonah for occupational and physical therapy. Soon afterward, Jonah attended daycare and preschool classes with Mary Burke at Kids Kampus, and she remains…

Kristian cleaning windows

For Kristian, Pathfinder Services is about opportunity and family.

Three years ago, Billie Ison, Employment Specialist at Pathfinder Resource Connection, shadowed Kristian at the Pathfinder Services Fort Wayne office. Kristian thrived so much that when a janitorial position opened up, Billie contacted Kristian and had him meet with the Office Manager. As the old saying goes, the rest is history.

In the past three years, Kristian has learned…

Sarah working ymca 1

For Sarah, nothing creates a sense of relaxation or excitement like art.

The Creative Abilities Arts Studio offers an opportunity for those who are served to express themselves in a way they might not have an opportunity to otherwise utilize, and for Sarah, it is the ultimate experience.

Sarah’s love for art began in high school when she would test and challenge her abilities in ceramic pottery. But…

Angela vance amramp 1

Angela Vance is happy to be in her own home today, something that wouldn’t have been possible without Amramp, a division of Pathfinder Services dedicated to providing modular wheelchair ramps and other accessibility solutions.

When a knee surgery in December 2014 led to several complications and a long recovery at a nursing home, Angela longed to be back in her own home. Because her home lacked wheelchair accessibility…