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Career Services

Pathfinder Services Resource Connection provides ongoing support services to employers and employees to ensure continued work quality and satisfaction. Programs include job coaching and on and off-site training to facilitate maintenance of and growth within the job.

Pathfinder Resource Connection

Pathfinder Services Resource Connection helps people who have barriers to employment find satisfying jobs that fits their skills, abilities, and interests. Our career services programs help individuals with their job search to ensure they find meaningful employment.

The career services programs are set up to provide support to people by helping them research and find the most suitable and enriching job opportunities available in their communities. We help people find jobs, get them placed, and support them in their continued performance and growth within that job.

Our career services include job coaching, job training, job placement, and progress checks. We focus specifically on vocational rehabilitation, benefits counseling, skills discovery, job training, job placement, and ongoing job support. We partner with businesses in our communities that make good employers for those we serve, and we support both employer and employee throughout the length of employment.

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Employment Services: Norman

Find the Right Program For You

Student Employment Training

Pre-Employment Transition Services offer young adults with physical and developmental disabilities the opportunity to explore employment and educational opportunities available to them beyond high school. Qualifying students work with staff members to find the path that is right for them as they plan for their future.

Student Employment Training
Job Training and Placement

Resource Connection offers job placement services and ongoing job support to people with physical and developmental disabilities. We do this by connecting them with employers in the community and matching their abilities and interests to suitable and meaningful jobs.

Job Training and Placement
Understand Your Benefits

Pathfinder Services Resource Connection offers benefits counseling. We help people understand the affects that getting a job or returning to work would have on social security, income, and insurance benefits, allowing them to make an informed decision about their future.

Understand Your Benefits
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