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Day services in plymouth

Day Services

Actively Participate in Your Community

Pathfinder Services Community Integration and Day Services help people develop and enhance personal, social, and vocational abilities so they can live as independently as possible in their homes and their communities and take an active role in their environments.

Some community integration activities are volunteer events, community celebrations, and visits to parks, businesses, and other places in the community. Our services allow for those we serve to be valued and active members of their community.

At Pathfinder Services, community integration and day services encompass recreation, employment, education, and transportation with personal support that is necessary to fully participate in the community. We find and create stimulating activities in and outside of the homes of those we serve to help them live full and happy lives as integrated members of the community.

At Pathfinder Services, family members play an integral role in the success of our services. They also help those we serve by encouraging them to be active and involved in community events. Family members of those we serve appreciate the flexibility and care given in our community integration and day services programs.

Day services plymouth
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