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Supported Living

Pathfinder Services offers Supported Independent Living services to those who are able to do many things for themselves yet still need some assistance in living on their own. We provide person-centered assistance to those with physical and developmental disabilities in areas specific to each individual’s needs.

Supported Independent Living

Pathfinder Services Community Supports provides customized services to support a person’s choice of where and how to live through supported independent living.

Adults live independently with staff members assisting in areas of need using person-centered planning. Person-centered planning is defined as information specific to each individual served as provided by them and the stakeholders in their life who know them best.

Supported Independent Living fills important needs of those served, including stability, independence, consistent support, empowerment, respect, dignity, and acceptance into the community. Services range from one to 24 hours per day.

At Pathfinder Services, family members play an integral role in the success of our services. They also help those we serve by helping them adjust to living on their own and encouraging them to become more self-sufficient. Family members of those we serve appreciate the flexibility and care given with our supported independent living services.

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