A Mom Gets Back to Work

Jessica discovers an extended family in Pathfinder Services

The Miller family found an extended family at Pathfinder Kids Kampus

Working at Pathfinder Services and having her children at Kids Kampus, Jessica Miller says the organization is like a part of her family.

“It’s my place of work, and the kids can come with me to Huntington for child care even though we live out of county,” she said. “I get to see them occasionally throughout the day and I know all their activities.”

Things weren’t always so settled for Jessica’s family. When her son Eli, who is now three, was born several months premature, life changed abruptly. Eli spent a lot of time in the neonatal intensive care unit and ended up with a feeding tube. Jessica said it was difficult for her to get back to work, or find skilled child care who was comfortable feeding her son.

“I had been with a company for over 13 years,” Jessica said, “but Eli had a lot of medical appointments and feeding issues, so I became a stay at home Mom for a year.”

Becoming part of the Pathfinder family

Then, Jessica learned of a position at Pathfinder Services. She’s now worked part-time in marketing and special events for more than two years. While Jessica is at work, Eli and four year old sister Makenna benefit from the preschool curriculum as part of their child care. “Kids Kampus has done a good job of getting my kids ready for Kindergarten and the staff truly cares about my kids meeting their developmental milestones,” Jessica says.

Eli and Makenna enjoy Kids Kampus. “They have made friends, and they talk all the time about the other kids,” she says. “They enjoy the field trips including bowling and swimming. Visitors come to Kids Kampus, too, like firefighters, police officers and representatives from the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo.”

Having her children just down the street is ideal for Jessica. She says, “I like it that they’re close and I have quick and easy access to them. I also like it that they interact with kids of all abilities.”

There’s even a Kids Klinic. “They have a nurse on staff to provide minor illness care,” she said. “It’s a kid-friendly clinic that provides an option for working parents. When their child has a minor illness or fever that would normally keep them out of school or day care, they can go to the clinic and the parent can get to work. Anyone in the community can use the clinic even if their children are not enrolled at Kids Kampus.”

Community impact

Jessica says Pathfinder Services brings great value to the community. “Pretty much everybody
knows somebody who could be helped in some way by Pathfinder Services, or they have been themselves.”

Commenting on her work with Pathfinder Services, Jessica says, “It’s easier to do a job if you have emotional ties to it. Working here, I get to know many of the people who are served.” It’s a job she finds rewarding—on many levels.

For more information about Pathfinder Kids Kampus, Kids Klinic, and Early HeadStart, please give us a call. And come take a tour!