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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is made up of area business leaders, educational leaders, and community leaders elected by Pathfinder Services members. The Board is tasked with determining goals and objectives of the organization through strategic planning and offering support as influential activists in their communities. The Board is also actively involved in the financial areas of the organization.

Ann McPherren - Chair | Huntington University - Professor

Ryan Lemon - Director | W.A. Zimmer

Jen Pickard - Secretary | M.E. Raker Foundation Grants - Administrator

Paula Whiting - Past Chair | Lake City Bank - Vice President Retail Banking Officer

Alexis Blue - Director

Iggy Fernandez - Director

Angela Hormann - Director | Parkview Huntington Hospital - Manager

Donna Hutchens - Director | Huntington North High School - Teacher

Angela Hormann - Director | Parkview Huntington Hospital - Manager, Rehab and Wellness

Deborah Lemar - Director

Seth Marshall - Director | PNC

Peyton Pike - Director | Parkview Huntington - Occupational Therapist

Mike Richard - Director | Optiv Cyber Security

Izzy Rodriguez - Director | Granite Ridge Builders

Natalija Trokic - Director | 5/3 Bank

Trent Wolfe - Director | Kline's CPA Group

Danielle Tips - Ex-Officio Member | Pathfinder Services - President & CEO

Michelle Banks - Ex-Officio Member | Pathfinder Services - CFO

Sheryl Cline | Pathfinder Services - Executive Assitant to the President & CEO