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Laura james home

Laura's Home

Laura had dreams of buying a home. Thanks to some help from Pathfinder HomeOwnership Center, her dreams came to fruition.
“I have a home and I’m happy.”

Laura's Home

Posted 07/21/2016

Laura’s husband passed away, and she had no idea how to go forward. She had spent the last couple of years taking care of him and financially she didn’t feel she was in a position to better her outlook.

“I happened to read an article in the Fort Wayne Newspaper about some of the services that Pathfinder HomeOwnership Center provides,”

Laura explains.

“It was a glimmer for me, there was some hope.”

Laura called the Fort Wayne office and she worked diligently to complete the packet of information necessary for her to go through a deed-in-lieu on her house in Fort Wayne that she could no longer afford.

That process took about four months to go through and then Laura moved to Huntington and stayed with her children for awhile.

Laura then met with a credit counselor and she suggested that perhaps there was something Pathfinder HomeOwnership Center could do to help.

“I looked at some of the literature on home buying, made an appointment, and the staff walked me through with what I needed to start the process of being approved for and finding a home to call my own,”

Laura states.

Laura james home 2
“I have a home and I’m happy,”

she says,

“I moved into my home in July and it was really very nice and very comfortable to be able to do that. I couldn’t have done it without the programs offered by the Pathfinder HomeOwnership Center.”