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Trippe family home


There are so many stories of success and perseverance at Pathfinder Services that we believe we have to share those stories publicly. There are stories of positivity and prosperity among people we serve, staff members, fundraisers, and the programs we offer.

Almost 40 years ago, Mary Burke’s youngest child went off to kindergarten, and Mary went out to sell encyclopedias door-to-door. She quickly learned that wasn’t her gift, but she didn’t quite know what her gift was.

Eager to help her friend, who was a nurse affiliated with Pathfinder Services, Mary applied for a job opening in adult daily activities. Though she lacked the self-confidence to believe she had…

Stories Of Hope

Local Community Inspiration

It is important to us that the people in the communities we serve see the wonderful impact we are making and how what we are doing is strengthening those communities

Elizabeth's Home Away From Home
March 02, 2015
Elizabeth began her journey with Kids Kampus as a preschool student, volunteered as a teenager, and finally, once she graduated,… Read More