Pathfinder Art Studios

The art studios in Huntington, Wabash, and Plymouth provide creative opportunities for adults with intellectual disabilities who are served by Pathfinder Community Supports’ Day Services program.  This program offers adults full or part-time person-centered activities to facilitate life skills through community and center-based activities.  The art studios provide a space within the community where artists can paint, sculpt, sew, draw and craft jewelry.
The works of art are sold at community events, at the studio locations and through, an online store featuring various products created by individuals with disabilities. The proceeds from the sale of the art go back to the artists and Community Supports to sustain the program.


Creative Abilities Art Studio
2806 Theater Ave.
Open M-F, 9am – 3pm
(260) 672-3251

Little River Art Studio
1152 E State St.
Open M-F, 9am – 3pm
(260) 356-0500

Red Bridge Art Studio
113 Water Street
Open M-F, 9am-3pm
(574) 936-5610

Electric Art Studio
2049 S. Wabash St.
Open M-F, 9am-3pm
(260) 563-1144