Pathfinder Services, Inc. Racial Justice Commitment Statement

Racism and discrimination persist in many forms in our communities. We want there to be no question that as an organization, Pathfinder Services is committed to fighting racism and creating more opportunities for Black people and people of color. We recognize that we have a distinct role and responsibility to be leaders in creating equitable opportunities through every facet of our organization.

Feedback directly from those we support, our network partners, our employees, and many of you in the communities we serve and care so much about have expressed gratitude for the manner in which Pathfinder has historically served Black families and people of color. There was also feedback urging us to listen, learn, and do more. We appreciate the feedback and we are taking action.

Our nation has a long history of racism existing in every system and institution, including our own organization. We have not been intentional enough in our organization in expanding opportunities for employment and inclusion in our services. We fully acknowledge that our vision and mission are empty words if we individually and corporately do not live by those words.

We have thoughtfully considered what more we can do to improve our organization. We are making the following commitments:

  1. We commit to giving everyone a voice.
  2. We commit to focusing on equitable hiring, teaching, training, promotional practices, and policies.
  3. We commit to equitable pay.
  4. We commit to racial equity and anti-racism training and personnel policies.
  5. We commit to refining our services to resolve inequities.
  6. We commit to holding Pathfinder Services many financial and business partners accountable to non-discriminatory attitudes, procedures, and behaviors.
  7. We commit to developing a Board of Directors representing the diverse communities in which our services are delivered.
  8. We commit to establishing and maintaining a Racial Justice & Inclusion Task Force within our agency.

At Pathfinder Services, we envision a community in which all people are valued and accepted and have control over their destinies. Our Mission is to strengthen communities by enabling people facing physical, developmental, or economic challenges to achieve independence, inclusion, and stability.

This vision and mission innately speak to our intent to be a leader in the communities we serve, creating opportunities for everyone, including all people of color.

We are grateful for our Black employees and employees of color and their commitment to those we serve. We commit to ridding our organization of racism and discrimination anywhere it is found.

We at Pathfinder Services, Inc. believe that Black lives do matter.